Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

It is a common problem with many of us. But just what is tooth decay? Essentially, it is the bacteria inside of your mouth turns into a harmful acid and eats away at the tooth. This will more than often lead to cavities; which are just holes that were created in your teeth by bacteria that was not cleaned properly.

Fortunately, tooth decay can be reversed only if it is caught at the right time. This is where enamel is quite important. It is the binding factor that restores the layers of protection on your teeth. It is essentially like Captain America’s Shield.

Unfortunately, cavities are not reversible. They create a permanent hole inside of the tooth that can only be filled by your dental professional. This is what a filling is for. These holes can cause severe pain and can even lead to many different oral diseases.

How do you prevent tooth decay? The primary way, like many other oral issues, is to consistently brush and floss. Getting these bad bacteria out of our mouths will create fewer problems in the future and will ultimately increase your oral health.

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