General Dentistry

Serving all of your Family dentistry needs

We provide complete family dentistry in a friendly, caring and relaxed environment. Come in regularly to help us provide the best standard of care, and identify potential risks early. Whether you just want a routine cleaning, are suffering from a tooth ache, or require repairs to damaged teeth, we are here to help.

Our family dentists will help keep your teeth natural, healthy and functioning optimally. We are committed to providing all of our patients with the best possible care. We will help you with establishing healthy oral hygiene habits that are ideal for your teeth. With regular visits we are able to provide you with routine maintenance and handle any unique issues you may be experiencing. If you or a family member are looking for a local family dentist then consider visiting us at Marketplace Dental. New patients are always welcomed at our centre. Schedule your appointment with us today, we would love to meet with you and get to know your needs.

Our general family dentistry services include tooth fillings, orthodontics, root canals, and bridges & dentures. You can learn more information about the individual services we offer by exploring each of the sections below.