Importance of Oral Hygiene

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Sitting in a dental chair often brings up many different worries. We have all been through this. What will they find today? Have I been brushing my teeth in the right places? I forgot to floss 2 times last week because of that report for work? Your dentist comes in and says that you have been doing a great job, but you need a filling. Exactly what is a filling and why do I need one?

A filling is a comprehensive way for a dentist to ensure that a cavity is restricted from growing to a larger scale. Lets look at this case in a more easier and relatable scenario. A cavity is that one coworker that ruins everyone’s mood in the office due to his or her dreadful attitude. As much as you try to help them by cheering them up, you eventually start to avoid it and it as it starting taking a physical or mental toll on yourself.The analogy is the simple way of understanding the dental definition of the cavity. By definition, a cavity is the result of a lack of brushing in one area that causes tooth decay to erode and create a hole in your tooth. This whole is very vulnerable for infections and will cause severe pain.

What can you do to avoid cavities? The simple answer is to brush. Not all problems in life are simple, but oral health is. Oral hygiene is directly linked to ones health both physically and mentally. It is shown that through an increase in frequency of oral hygiene, not only does the person look better, but also they feel better. It is the little boost of confidence that can lighten up someone’s day with a tiny compliment like “Beautiful smile.” With a little bit of time and effort, you can have your smile representing the true you with the help of your dental professional.

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