Flossing, Is It Important?

Flossing, Is It Important?

We are all busy people. No matter where or how you work we all need to ensure that we can spare 5 minutes to one of the most important parts of our day. It is one of the biggest oral health concerns that millions of people around the world lack. Flossing. Now the importance goes far greater than people think. It has the ability to cause severe pain and infections if not done regularly and correctly. We always get the question of why it is so important.

Flossing will remove over 50% of plaque and debris between your teeth that an electric toothbrush can’t even reach!! Its a vital part in oral hygiene that is often overlooked and underestimated.┬áIt reduces your risk of oral cancer, developing cavities as well as the risk of gingivitis.

How often should we be flossing? Flossing between your teeth 2 times a day is more than sufficient as you are limiting your risk of oral diseases but you are not ruining your gums, which occurs quite often when people floss.

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