The Most Common Oral Health Issue: Cavities

The Most Common Oral Health Issue: Cavities

A cavity is one of the most common oral health issues among all age groups. But what exactly is a cavity? It is caused by improper oral health habits where the bacteria (or food) turns into harmful acid that eats away at the enamel of the tooth (the outer protective layer). Once this layer of enamel is gone, the bacteria create a hole inside of the tooth.

This hole will cause severe pains and leaves the tooth exposed to oral infections. It is basically a cut to the tooth. The only difference is that the tooth does not regrow. A dental professional must reverse this by putting a filling inside of the tooth.

This filling material acts like an artificial tooth and takes the place of the vacant space in the tooth. It prevents infections and oral diseases in the tooth to occur as a result of the cavity as well as revives the strength of the tooth.

Brushing and maintaining proper oral health is a key to not only oral health, but to your overall health. Many diseases, as well as medical conditions, can be predicted through your mouth.

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